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Jiangyin Huaxin Precision Technology Co., Ltd

Since 2002, it has adhered to the spirit of independent innovation and independent research and development, focusing on the research and development, production and sales of precision stamping products. The company’s main products are various types of precision stamping iron cores and precision stamping molds related to iron core production.

Among them, precision stamping iron core is the company’s main product, which can be divided into various types such as new energy vehicle drive motor iron core, micro special motor iron core, electrical equipment iron core, ignition coil iron core, etc., mainly supplied to domestic and foreign large-scale automobile parts manufacturers, motor manufacturers, electrical equipment manufacturers, automobile manufacturers and other enterprises; at the same time, the company will also provide customers with precision stamping molds required for the production of iron core products.

After years of development, Huaxin has successfully obtained certification of ISO 9001, ISO14001, IATF 16949, and the integration of industrialization and industrialization management system certification, etc., and has been widely recognized by many domestic and foreign large auto parts manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, motor manufacturers, electrical equipment manufacturers etc. Ithas established a good cooperative relationship with it.

Core Competence:More than 20 years of manufacturing experience

Technical advantages, scale advantages, full process advantages, digital production and operation management


Product center

Application field

  • 01

    New energy vehicle

    (Drive motor core, resolver sensor core, current and voltage sensor core, etc.)

  • 02

    General Motors for vehicles

    (Motor core for Brake motor, fan motor, window motor, seat motor, power steering motor, and ignition coil Iron Core)

  • 03

    Industrial Application

    (Motor cores for servo motors, fans motors, transmission motors, etc.)

  • 04

    Power tools

    (Motor cores for Power tool motors, garden tool motors)

  • 05

    Home appliances and medical equipment

    (Motor cores for Washing machine, air conditioner, refrigerator, medical equipment)

  • 06

    Rail Transit

    (Motor cores for railways, subways and other rail transit, current and voltage sensor core, etc.)

  • 07

    Electrical equipment and aerospace

    ( laminations for transformers, ballasts, sensors, etc.)

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